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We provide engineering services with an environmentally friendly approach from the ink we use on our paper to the companies with which choose to do business. Wherever opportunities allow and make financial sense, we choose to use companies, products, services, and design approaches that reduce the impact on the environment. If one project’s impact is reduced, then it is considered a success.


Retail & Office Building

Nassau Street Princeton, NJ 2011 – 2016
This project included design and permitting for a 31,488 SF TD bank and residential building located along Nassau Street (N.J.S.H. Route 27) in Princeton.

Ground Solar Array

Ledgewood, NJ 2012
This 474 kW ground mounted solar array consists of 4 individual arrays on a previously developed site. Site Plans were prepared and approvals were sought from local and county agencies to construct this project.

Solar Canopy Project

South White Horse Pike Berlin Borough, NJ 2011
This Solar Canopy project recieved approval from the Borough and all outside agencies. Construction was completed in 2012.

Solar Roof Project

Bakers Basin Road Lawrenceville, NJ 2011
This 478 KW Solar project covers a 50,000 SF roof area and generates electricty to power a wood recycling facility.

Franchise Development

Various locations
Previous experience designing and developing various franchise projects.

Pharmacy Projects

Various locations
Previous experience developing Pharmacy locations according to major pharmacy chain’s criteria.

Bank Projects

Various locations
Previous experience designing & permitting bank pads according to major brand’s criteria.

Catering & Restaurants

Various locations
Previous experience designing & permitting various catering facilities and restaurants.

Retaining Wall

Summer 2012
This project increased the usable space in the backyard while providing a safe and attractive outdoor living area. This result required navigating the municipality’s ordinance requirements and client’s budgetary contraints.


GreenSite Engineering has been an asset to Trinity Solar in the design and engineering of many projects over the past few years. Services provided include general consultation, site plan preparations and assistance in obtaining all types of jurisdictional approvals. Laurence Murphy expresses a personal interest in his projects, which is evident in his high quality work and his ability to adapt to today’s ever changing technologies. As a solar company, we value their environmental focus and dedication to creating a “green” future. Trinity has grown to appreciate the approach in which GreenSite’s projects are designed; always with a focus on reducing the impact to the environment and making financial sense to our company and our clients. GreenSite’s excellent reputation among their peers and colleagues has been well-earned, and we look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come as we continue to grow in the New Jersey solar market.

-Tom Pollock, President of Trinity Solar

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